Motorola gm300 схема

motorola gm300 схема
Please do not try to make a radio something it is not. The manual includes revisions MMR-077, MMR-100, and MMR-104. Radius (GM300) M130 Service Manual 6880903Z65, about $30.This is a 2-channel Radius GM300 that uses the 16-channel expanded logic board. Radius (GM300) M10 User Manual 6880903Z05 1.34 MB PDF file User’s «cheat sheet» for the Radius (GM300) M10, M120 and M130 6880902Z96.Save your money, if you have an IQ higher than that of egg white, you don’t need this. MaxTrac Adjustments By Robert Meister WA1MIKMore than you ever wanted to know about the various pots and coils on the RF boards of the MaxTrac-series radios, and how to adjust them. Of course Motorola doesn’t want you to twiddle with these, but occasionally it’s necessary. Now, when you read the radio with GM300 RSS, it should have a new serial number.

Replacing the front-end filters in 800 and 900 MHz MaxTracs By Robert Meister WA1MIKThis article describes how to cleanly remove and install new front-end filters in these radios. A companion article to the ones above and below. Additional Notes on MaxTrac or Radius M100 / M214 / M216 Logic Boards By Scott Lichtsinn KBØNLYThis article goes with the «Upgrading» article above. It has additional notes including a procedure for converting a trunking logic board to conventional. Messages are going from COM-port. PE300 MSDOS программка для кодирования POCSAG, надо иметь совместимый передатчик. Part 3 Pages 073 thru 077 9.9 MB PDF Part 3: the rest of the HLE8229A and HLE8230A RF boards, plus the HLE8300A, HLE8301A, HLE8263A and HLE8264A RF boards. You’ll need to take it completely apart to clean them. See photo below. If you use thin wire you will be able to feed this out the edge of the 16 way connector. I tied a knot round the connector on the board to stop it being pulled off the board.

There are two manuals that cover the i20R: The Service Manual 6880904Z40 and the Programming Manual 6880904Z55. As of March 2012 both are still in print and being sold by Motorola Parts. The software will access the radio and read a chunk out of the codeplug. Документы online — закачай свою информацию на эту страничку прямо сейчас!

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