Схема fm тюнера grundig

схема fm тюнера grundig
Perhaps someone who is interested in recharging batteries can experiment and let me know more…if someone does I’ll pass that info along. The radio can also run with an AC adapter. Remove back panel; radio looks like picture on the left. The two bandwidths seem to be well chosen and effective, allowing great clarity on good signals and tighter bandwidth on crowded signals. You have to crank it many many times to get a charge that will last.2) The «flashlight» is pretty useless.

While playing with it a little more, I decided to purchase one. After I got it home, I started tuning around on the SW bands and was delighted to hear some good AM signals on the 80 meter band, loud and clear! The PL-660 is similar to the earlier PL-600 with the very significant addition of synchronous detection. It is a typically full-featured model. Local station reception is OK and the little flashlight is handy, but eats up battery power quickly.

This radio has AM/FM and Shortwave. It has a built in flashlight. Wade’s Audio and Tube pages – pictures, schematics and commentary on vintage audio and radio equipment. Grundig turned away from the receiver design based on a turret tuning arrangement connected to a frequency counter, abandoning the complicated bandswitching scheme with the many gold plated contacts in the turret tuner improved the set’s stability and made it more reliable. The Light function is slightly unusual. It only remains on for 3 seconds after any button press or tuning operation, but if you press the Light button it will stay on for 30 seconds. It can also be turned off if desired. Buttons labeled in Red work when the radio is off and this makes setup changes easy and intuitive. Audio quality is excellent and somewhat surprising for its size.

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